Can Electrical Stimulation Therapy Be Beneficial For Health?

The experience of some people using electric therapy as an alternative treatment is applied to the environment, and people who are interested in trying the treatment. The electrical therapy has so far succeeded in curing the condition of nerve pain, paralysis, and other health problems. So, how the actual benefits of electrical therapy for health? Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS is a pain management technique that uses electricity in the electrical stimulation machine to help ease the pain.

TENS has been common therapy which is used for relieving pain since it was first made in around 1960s. However, like some other therapies, TENS results are not a guarantee for a cure. TENS treatment involves placing a small electrode, a device that conducts electricity, on the skin over the diseased part of the body and then holding it with adhesive.

The electrodes are then attached to a machine that releases small electrical waves, sending small electrical impulses through the electrodes to painful joints or areas of the body. It is thought that electrical impulses interfere with messages about the pain that are sent from nerves to the brain.

Electricity blocks the activity of pain receptors, which send pain messages. If the brain doesn’t get messages from nerves, you don’t feel the sensation of pain anymore. Another theory behind TENS electrical nerve stimulation is that the electrical impulses released during therapy encourage the body to produce more endorphins to relieve pain naturally.

The electric current emitted by TENS is very low. Generally, there is a slight sense of warmth or tingling where the electrodes are placed. So far the application of TENS is used to reduce pain from:

Migraines and tension headaches.
Cancer Pain.
Painful chronic injury.
Pain after surgery.

Although it is thought to have many benefits, along with these benefits, it is alleged there are other risks from this electrical therapy treatment. The following are:


Immediately after treatment, you can experience confusion, which lasts from several minutes to several hours. Depending on how long the duration of the electrical therapy you receive.

Memory loss

Some people have difficulty remembering events that occur right before treatment or in the weeks or months before treatment. This condition is called retrograde amnesia.

Physical side effects

Electrical therapy treatments can cause physical side effects such as nausea, headaches, jaw pain, or muscle aches.

They can be suitable or not suitable alternative treatments, and they depend on the immune system and psychological readiness of the person. Complications from other diseases can cause electrical therapy to have side effects. We recommend that before trying any therapy, make sure the physical and psychological condition of the patient is stable.