TENS Is A Safe And Sophisticated Therapy

The appearance of pain makes the body feel weak and triggers frustration because pain can interfere with rest, work, activities, even messing up important moments with family and friends. This unpleasant sensation occurs due to injury or disruption of muscles in body tissues, continued in physical and emotional reactions. Although sometimes the pain also appears to protect the body from danger. Pain is usually classified into acute and chronic pain. Acute pain is the body’s natural reaction to injury as an early warning system when an injury occurs. The pain in acute pain does not last long. While pain in chronic pain lasts longer, and it can be weeks or months. Meanwhile, if you suffer from chronic nerve pain, you may use the best electrical stimulation machine.

Efforts to treat pain vary depending on the cause and condition of one’s health. Therefore we need a complete understanding of the types of pain, classification, and correct handling. One of the management of pain is pain management based on empirical evidence from the results of research or evidence

One of the pain management is pain management that is based on empirical evidence from the results of research or evidence-based, so that treatment can be effective.

Simply stated, pain management is methods to prevent, reduce, and stop the sensation of pain. There are two methods that can be used both through the use of drugs (analgesics) and physiotherapy.

Pain management is right then the pain can be reduced and even disappear. So that a person’s quality of life can improve.

Pain care can also be classified in non-medical or medical care. The medical treatment uses drugs or supplements to reduce pain (analgesics).

However, there are those who choose natural methods without drugs to relieve pain, such as stretching, application of heat or ice.

While there are also those who seek alternative treatments such as acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic, and massage, as well as therapies involving electronic devices such as TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, such as those from the Japanese healthcare brands.

This therapy is also called electrothermal therapy because it uses electrical stimulation to relieve pain in the short term.

One of the advantages of TENS is that this tool is very suitable for people who tend to have high activity at work or who still want to move continuously, even though their bodies are in pain.

The study states the intensity of stimulation at the point of pain is a very important factor to get the effectiveness of TENS, besides that this tool is safe, affordable, and can be used together with other pain treatments.